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Football Franchise and License

Empowering Parents, Educators, Coaches Educators and those with an interest in sport and child development to own their own business.

English Soccer School (ESS) provides an education / soccer  franchise business opportunity throughout the world within the education industry. A British Football Franchise – hugely successful in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia and soon Malaysia and India.

Exciting opportunities are now available for suitably motivated people to become an affiliate partner with the English Soccer School. The English Soccer School specialises in providing a range of soccer activities and education skills and events for children between the ages of 3 – 17 years.

The long term goal of ESS is to give its participants positive experiences of sport through a fun and engaging experience that will increase their chances of a more sustainable active lifestyle as well as to teach quality essential learning skills and life long skills alongside soccer activities to develop confidence, social intelligence, independence, decision making and concentration and of course football skills for both boys and girls.

The English Soccer School aims to provide the very best in soccer coaching and learning skills to provide globally minded confident children using soccer as a tool. Not only are our coaches’ professional English FA & UEFA qualified, they also work as teachers and have the experience and skills that help children lean in an effective way, in a fun environment. Throughout their time at ESS children will develop attributes such as social skills, confidence, leadership qualities, perseverance, integrity and sportsmanship which are valuable characteristics and traits outside of the world of football.

With total support in staff/coach training and certifying as well as providing the ESS curriculum full admin support and marketing support, this unique UK Franchise in education and sport will provide you with a fabulous income as well as a business that you will enjoy benefits not only for children but also your community.

If you think you have what it takes – please read on …

A Successful British UK Franchise – Our Franchisees are from all walks of life including BBC TV Journalists, Bank Managers, Teachers, Parents,  and Entrepreneurs .

Do you have an interest in Education and Sport – Education and Soccer is a great popular mix.

Testiomonials :

“… a franchise that underlines my philosophy of football coaching and youth development  and a good business structure that ticks all the right boxes in every way from start up costs to profit and personal satisfaction  ” MR Grant Lions – UK Regional Bank Manager   Franchise Holder UK ” Sport and academic development are priorities for most parents these days and producing well balanced global minded childen is what the ESS program is all about and furthermore allowing kids and parents to have fun in a program that breeds confidence and is character building and of course a healthy lifestyle ” – Mr J Harper BBC Financial Commentator and Journalist Franchise Holder Singapore

“Child development and youth development are the cornerstones of successful adulthood , I was impressed with the ESS program as an alternative to Education franchises as it incorporates real skills needed to succeed in the real world – Social Intelligence and confidence , much more than a classroom and academia can teach you” – Mrs Patricia Widjaya Former House wife Franchise Holder Indonesia Jakarta

ESS A Profitable International Franchise in Education and Football – The best of  ”Two Worlds” and a UK Brand An English Soccer School franchise is a genuine route to  success with everything you need to start earning straight away. The success of our mission to inspire children to be physically, socially and academically active every week, and is totally dependent on the success of our franchisees. As such we pride ourselves on offering training and support to ensure your business grows and helps as many children as possible. Your training is all inclusive and we train your coaches/educators under our UK  training program.

1. Single Location Franchise or License (3,500 – 8,000 USD) Single unit franchising is the most likely place a brand new entrepreneur would begin. In this type of franchise, the franchisee would only be responsible for running a single regional location within a certain radius. However he or she would be extremely involved with all of the daily operations of the business.

2. Franchise or License (8,000 – 18,000 USD) Multi location franchising creates the opportunity for the franchisee to open more than one regional location within a certain radius . In this type of operation, the franchisee partakes less in the day to day operations of the unit.

3. Area Developer Franchise (18, 000 – 40, 000 USD) Area development is similar to unit franchising. The only difference is that this type of franchising typically involves a greater number of locations encompassing a larger territorial area. The area developer is granted the right to open a determined number of locations in a certain geographic territory. This also includes exclusivity.

4. Master Franchise (40, 000 – 150, 000 USD) Master Franchising allows people or corporations to purchase the rights to sub franchise within a certain territory. A master franchisee helps the overall franchise company by recruiting franchisees to open locations within a specific territory.

What does a basic franchise cost?

Costs starting at $3,500 USD to $150,000 USD

Coach Training

Your initial coach /educator  training will bring out your creativity. The English Soccer School is so much more than just football training and at our course for your  coach/educators  will be encouraged to Excite Engage and Educate use your imagination as your learn the  English Soccer School ethos training covers both practical and theory. We shall be teaching ground breaking coaching techniques as well as health and safety and ways to manage your children. By the end of the course  you and your team will be ready to inspire your potential customers. The training is led by English FA  qualified instructors and overseen by our experienced staff.

Business Training

This online 3 day course is the perfect way to get your business off to a flying start. Led by our senior admin staff you will be taken step by step through the business model, how to plan, how to deliver and how to make the most of the rewards. Supported by our  world class team of marketing and business experts you will talked through support materials, logistics and marketing strategies to ensure you know exactly how build your business from day one. You leave Business Training with a detailed action plan, and this will be your guide in the months and years ahead as a successful  English Soccer School Franchisee.

Franchise Development Training

Once a year we will visit you  to deliver  franchise development training. These sessions will be led either by key members of the English Soccer School (ESS) staff or by the leading franchisees. They will focus on specific skills from social media, to building marketing funnels to making the most of your support material. These are mandatory and will ensure you grow your business to the level you aspire too.

Help Desk

English Soccer School love their franchisees and as such the help desk is open every week day. Any problem, no worries… we can help! Whether it is a technical issue, a business question or you just want a friend to support you after a challenging day we are there to support our franchises.


We know that franchising is the shortcut to success. As such we have already done the hard work so you don’t have to. Admin, booking systems, marketing, artwork and suppliers and curricula. We already have it covered. All you have to do is follow your detailed action plan and grow your business. If you have an interest in your development in both soccer and education as well as a marketing and business mind then we would like to hear from you !

Turn Your Passion For Education, Youth Development and Soccer Into Your Career.

ESS is the leader in youth soccer development for children ages 2-8. Our internationally recognised program offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Our unique curriculum lean towards both soccer skills and social skills as well as social intelligence  and personality development. Our goal is simple: to make a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve and help them on the road to adult hood and to make a positive contribution towards society.

This might be for you.

If children bring a smile to your face and you truly enjoy spending time with young children.

If your goal is  owning your business and have given serious thought to how your career goals, skill set, and experience would translate into becoming an outstanding franchise owner.

If you have a passion for, a background in positively impacting children through sports.

If you are a person of initiative and relish stepping through doors of opportunity, while conquering challenges.

If you have had success in leading teams/persuading others AND have the ability to be a contributing team member.

contact hrd@englishsoccerschool.com for more details